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Why aren't my posts going out?

If your Schedult posts aren't going out, we're here to help. Firstly we need to troubleshoot why your posts might not be being sent, we suggest working through this list first to see if you can quickly resolve it. Otherwise you can reach out to our team who can also look into it and help get your posts up and running as fast as possible.

Check why your posts aren't going out

  • Do you have a failed payment on file? You can check your emails and SPAM to see if we have contacted you about a failed payment. If your account is in arrears, our team stops creating content.
  • Do your profiles need connecting? Most social media channels need re-authorisation every 90 days (this is annoying, and unavoidable), we send you an email to let you know. Without re-connecting your profiles, we can't post to your accounts! Visit your Schedult dashboard, click 'more' and 'my profiles' to see if all your profiles are active.
  • Have you not connected any profiles with us? Visit your Schedult dashboard, click 'more' and 'my profiles'. If there are no profiles showing, you'll need to add some. Visit our reconnect page to add the profiles included in your plan.
  • Did you request your approval for us to post? If you have requested that we don't post automatically our team will have put a note on your account to send your content to drafts. You can check this by going to your Schedult dashboard, checking the left hand column and clicking 'drafts'. 

If you have tried all of the above and everything looks in order, please reach out to our Support Team who can do a deeper dive and get everything on track for you.