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When will my posts go out?

Eager to see your social media content being posted on your social channels? Here's how you can check when your next content will be posted.

If you're a trial customer with us we create 7 posts for you in 3 working days, after you move to your first month with us, our team typically creates your first month of content within 3 working days. There is a small gap from being a trial customer to a full customer.

If you're an existing customer with us, your content is created on a monthly rolling basis.

For both cases, as soon as your content is ready, it's uploaded to your dashboard and you receive an email notification. The best way to check when the next post is going out is to:

  • Visit your Schedult Dashboard here
  • Go to the left-hand column
  • Go to 'Scheduled Posts'
  • Scroll to the top to see the next post and date that is scheduled


Don't see anything under Scheduled? If you're a trial customer our team might be creating your first month. 

If you're not a trial customer, see our troubleshooting guide to see why you may not have posts going out.