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What if I want to make changes to my content?

We're always happy to work with you to make your content better.

All Schedult customers have access to our Manage Account Hub to submit feedback, revisions, or changes to their content. 

We want to make sure you have content you love going out!

Access Our Manage Account Hub Here

What can I do on the Manage Account page?

Submit feedback if you have general feedback on the direction of your content. This might be the style of posts, topics or visuals. The team will then apply it to the next round of content being created for you - if the content has just been finished our team will apply it as a revision if applicable to your account.

Submit revisions if there are specific posts you don't like or want to make changes to. Our team will then update anything that hasn't been posted yet. A monthly revision is part of our Plus and Premium Plans, or you can purchase this separately as an Add-On to your existing plan.

You can also share any links, attachments, files or images to help us make changes closer to your liking.