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What if I want to approve my content?

Schedult is designed to be a done-for-you solution, so by default, once you connect your accounts we start posting your content for you!

You'll receive a notification when your content is ready before your last post, so you have time to review the content that's going out in your dashboard.

However if you would like us not to post automatically, here's what you can do:

Post Only On Approval

You can get in touch with our team and ask them to send all of your content to 'drafts'. This means it will be sitting in your dashboard ready for you. Then, every month you can either let us know you're ready to post, or hit post on the content sitting in your drafts yourself.

Note: If you request to post only on approval, our team will not automatically schedule your posts for you.

Our team will put a note on your file so that all your content is uploaded but not scheduled in your dashboard.