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How long does my trial content take?

Schedult offers 100% free trials to allow you to test out our content for yourself. It's a great way to see the type of content we can create for your business or brand.

After filling out our onboarding form, our team gets started! Our content team takes 3 working days to complete your trial.

You'll receive an email in that time to let you know that your trial is confirmed and an email when your content is ready.

Our team automatically extends your trial by 7 days after you receive the email that your content is ready.

We hope you love your Schedult content! Have some feedback for us? Send it across here or reach out to our team

Our goal is to make sure you have content you love, so if you don't love your trial content - reach out to us. We're happy to see what changes we can make to get it to where it needs to be!

Note: If you have not submitted a payment method, our team does not start working on your trial. We require a payment form to ensure our team can work on valid trials and to allow them to invest time in producing higher quality work.