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How does the Trial process work for my client?

Our trials are a great way to onboard new clients with you, we can create one trial per customer.

Here's what the trial process looks like when you get started.

  • Once you're signed up for the trial with us, the team starts working on your content 
  •  Once the content is ready it is scheduled to your dashboard, and you will receive an email with your dashboard credentials to view the content, which you can share with your client.
  • After your 7-day free trial is complete, your card will be charged, after which we start working on your entire batch of content for the month. This can take up to 5 working days. 
  • The content is then scheduled to your dashboard, where you will be able to see the posts that are scheduled to go out automatically. 

For agencies, if you have multiple clients with us we can combine your clients into one easy-to-manage dashboard with one login. Just let us know if you'd like us to do that at sign-up.

Otherwise you will get an individual login per client and you can choose if you'd like to share with the client.

We will usually schedule your posts automatically if you choose to connect your client's social media profiles. Alternatively we can also send your client's posts to drafts where you can manage them directly, just let the team know and we'll get it done for you.

When it comes to revisions, revisions are included in our Plus and Premium Plans or as an add-on. You can submit revisions on behalf of your client at your Manage Account Hub at www.schedult.com/manage-account. 

Sign-up as an agency at www.schedult.com/agencies.