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How do I connect my social media profiles? Troubleshooting Guide

How Do I Connect my Profiles?

Not sure how to connect your profiles? No problem, follow along in this guide for step-by-step instructions and some tips for troubleshooting! For us to be able to post to your social media accounts, you will need to connect them to our API. This API is used so that your passwords and information is safe, but we still have permission to post on your behalf. 

  1. What accounts can I connect?

- Facebook Page

- Instagram Business Account

- Twitter

- LinkedIn Profile

- LinkedIn Company Page

**Please make sure you are the owner of these accounts. 

  1. What are the steps for connecting my social media accounts?

Go here to connect your social media accounts. When you connect through this link, we will get notified that you have connected a new profile.

You can also connect your profiles in your dashboard under 'more' 'my profiles'. Once you connect your profiles here, you can notify our team through our 24/5 live chat so that we can schedule your currently scheduled posts (if you have any) to your newly connected profile. When you go through the dashboard, we donโ€™t get notified, so you will need to notify our team. Luckily, our live chat team answers within a minute, so it wonโ€™t take too much of your time! 

Then, click on the account that you want to connect. Keep scrolling if you are looking for the LinkedIn profile button, itโ€™s hidden down there! 


Fill out your email and make sure that you are connecting the proper profile (if you have more than one).


Make sure ALL permissions are accepted, then press "save settings."


Here are some extra tips for successful connections:

- Please make sure that the Instagram page you are connecting is linked to the Facebook page that you log into. Because Facebook owns Instagram, you must connect your Instagram through Facebook.

- Please ensure that the Instagram page you are connecting is a business page. We cannot post to Instagram if it is not a business page. You can also turn your Instagram into a business page if it is not one already. 

- Please ensure that any pop-up blocking software is turned off while connecting. (Including ad blockers).

- Try turning on or off your VPN if you have one.

- If it is not working, try a different browser. (Chrome, Safari, etc.)

- If it is not working, try using an incognito browser. 

- Try it on a desktop or laptop computer instead of a mobile device. If the computer isnโ€™t working, try another device. 

If none of the above has worked for you, we will need a screen recorded video (we suggest using Loom) of your screen when you are trying to connect because we will have to send this to technical support to get an answer.

Connecting your profiles is the hardest part of the process with us! So, we hope this guide helped. Once you get those profiles connected, we can begin posting and you will be able to relax knowing that your social media is being taken care of!