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How do I connect and see my connected social profiles?

Schedult is a done-for-you service, meaning we do it all from start to finish. In order for us to keep your social media content going out, we need you to connect your social media profiles.

Don't worry, we never have any access to any of your personal details as you simply link your profiles with our scheduling provider.

How do I connect my profiles?

If you're connecting your profiles for the first time, you would have connected them at signup. If you have not connected your profiles at signup, you'll need to connect them separately. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Use our reconnection link here, our team will get notified and connect your profiles to your dashboard.
  2. Connect your profiles in your dashboard under 'more' 'my profiles'. Note if you connect your profiles here, you'll need to notify our team as we do not get notified and will not automatically schedule your existing content.

How do I see my connected profiles?

To see your connected profiles visit your Schedult dashboard, go to 'more' in the top header and then 'my profiles'. This will show you a list of your social media profiles.

Sometimes your profile connection drops, if that's the case you'll also see here if your profiles are added but need reconnecting.

Can I add more social media profiles?

On our Standard plan but would like to add more profiles? We have plan customisations exactly for that reason, reach out to our team to add more profiles to your plan.

Please see a video on connecting your Instagram and Facebook profiles here!