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How do I access my blog posts?

Blog posts are included as part of our Premium plan or as part of a plan add-on. You'll receive blog posts relevant to your business every month and an email to notify you when they're ready - same as your content!

Where can I find my blog posts?

Blog posts are stored in your Schedult Dashboard, here's how you can access them.

  • Visit your dashboard at, https://dashboard.schedult.com/
  • Go to 'Content' and 'My Content'
  • Your blog posts will be housed here, you can copy and paste or download them and use them as needed

What can I use my blog posts for?

Our blog posts are for you to do whatever you'd like with them! Here's some suggestions:

  • Add to your website or website blog - great for SEO (search engine optimisation), our articles can include relevant keywords to your business and help you appear more frequently in search
  • Share on social media - you can share as LinkedIn articles, stand-alone posts or use as post inspiration
  • Share in a newsletter - keep your customers or audience engaged and share valuable information with them in a monthly newsletter. You could include our blog posts as part of a monthly round-up or a whole newsletter itself

Can I share requests for blog post topics?

Of course! Just like our social media posts, we're always happy to take feedback and requests when it comes to our blog posts. We usually ask you monthly when we send out your posts, but you can submit a request anytime here.

Don't have blog posts as a part of your plan but want to add them? Reach out to us at www.schedult.com/get-in-touch.