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3. Adding us as your partner

  1. You will have to go back to Facebook Business Manager. 
  2. Click on Settings
  3. After that click on More Business Settings. 

The new page will load and then:

  1. Go to Users on the left side, and click on Partners. 
  2. There you will see 2 options, choose the first one โ€œPartner to share assets withโ€. 
  3. Click the blue button Add. 

This is the ID you should give in: 451987849328026


 The new page will load.

Here you need to give us all the permissions to manage your Page and Ad Account.  

  • Click on Pages, then on Classic Pages
  • Choose a Page 
  • Make sure that Manage Page under the Full control is checked on. 


When you have done that, don't save just yet. We still need access to your Ad Account:

  • Click on Ad Accounts
  • Choose an Ad Account
  • Make sure that Manage Ad Account under the Full control is checked on. 


Click on Save Changes. 

After that, we will accept the invitation to your Business Manager and it is done.  

Now we have all the access we need to run your Facebook and Instagram ads!