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1. Setting up Facebook Business Manager

  1. Login to your personal Facebook account.
  2. Go to Facebook Business Manager.
  3. Click Create Account. 

A box will pop up and then you will

  1. 1. Enter a name for your business, your name, and your work email address.  
  2. 2. When you have done that, you can click Next.
  1. Enter your business details. 
  2. Click Submit button. 
  3. Now youโ€™ll need to confirm the business email address that you entered to continue. Make sure to check your email and do it right away. 
  4. Click Done and thatโ€™s it - you have created your Business Manager account.   

The next step is adding Facebook and Instagram page(s) to your Business Manager. 

  1. Click on Settings 
  2. Click on More Business Settings and you will get to the page on which you will be using next. 

 The new page will open, now:

  1. Click on Accounts
  2. Click on Pages
  3. Click the blue Add button. 
  4. In the dropdown menu, choose to Add a Page.  
  1. Click Add Page and then type in the name of your page or just paste the URL of your Facebook page. 
  1. Click Add Page again, and then approve the request. Thatโ€™s it - now you can manage your page from the Business Manager. It is a similar process to add Instagram pages.
  2. Navigate to the Accounts > Instagram Accounts section 
  3. Click the blue Add button. 
  4. Make sure you are logged in to the Instagram account and then click the blue Connect Your Instagram Account button.

Now we are ready for the second step!   

Setting up Ad Account and adding payment info